WashingtonLakefront.com is looking to partner with real estate brokers from Washington State. Our mission is provide the highest customer service and to accomplish that mission we need to partner with the best real estate brokers and lenders in Washington State.

Why Become a Partner?

  1. The opportunity to be the professional of choice for a specific County.
  2. The opportunity to exponentially increase one's income.
  3. A built-in back-end lead management system that's designed to convert.

How Do We Create Buyer, Seller, and Lender Leads?

As a virtual office space, WashingtonLakefront.com focuses top search results and lead capture pages to generate hot leads. We also run a variety of additional search and social media advertising to bring in leads.

How Are Leads Disbursed?

Partners have a predetermined geographical region based on County of service. That County landing page highlights partners and encourages user to contact them for further assistance. Also, leads for that respective County go to partners and not the site owner (unless the leads are for the site owner's respective county).

What is the Cost?

After you have been chosen to be a WashingtonLakefront.com partner then the only costs is a 30% per closed transaction from any lead generated from the website to you. There are no signing fees, B&O, L&I, office fees. Just a referral based system for all of us to increase our incomes while staying relevant in the search results, for all times.

Need Partners for the Following Areas:

  • Thurston County
  • Kittitas County
  • Lewis County
  • Okanogan County
  • Whatcom County
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