When it comes to the Who's-Who of lake activities nothing takes center stage like Seattle's Seafair. Seafair is a time honored Washington tradition that includes hydroplane races, air shows, parades, shows, and a multitude of events through late June till August.

Today, the first day of Summer, which doesn't resemble anything I've read in books about Summer, kicks off the Seafair schedule at Westlake Park and a chance to see "who the 2013 King Neptune and Queen Alcyone will be". Though there are events through the months, by far the most epic is the culmination on Lake Washington for Seafair Weekend - August 2 - 4, 2013.

I've attended Seafair Weekend many of times and done the log boom and general populous with the boat and every time it is amazing. The boats, Seafair does bring out the fancy and fast, the Blue Angels air show, and viewing the magnificent homes that border Lake Washington that make a person go WOW.

If you have never been then make it a point this year as Seafair doesn't have to be experienced from a boat. If tradition holds true, then I-90 and I-520 will close down during the air show. Folks bring barbeques and chairs to enjoy close up views of air show and watch boats make there way watch to the hydros. If traveling to Seafair by boat just watch out for the crazies as it can get rowdy but the police are on hand moderating.

Blue Angel Fly By

Map of Lake Washington

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